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Smart City

  • Prepared and approved in 2020Obrázek1, obrázek se otevře v novém okně

  • Methodological approach: 7 + 2 thematic areas
  • 7 pillars of development
  • 2 cross-sectional topics: data and security

Vision of Smart City Bílina:

The town of Bílina continuously develops the quality of life of its citizens and creates a vibrant, safe environment for leisure, quality housing and a business environment with a high standard of services. It utilizes modern technologies and innovative approaches not only for the development of the town, but also for the development of its community - with regard to the history of the city and in accordance with its traditions.

Current priorities

Obrázek2, obrázek se otevře v novém okně

      • 3 of 4 defined priorities have a direct positive impact on citizens in relation to: provided services, quality of life, attractiveness for visitors & tourism development 
      • The presentation focuses on 2 of these 4 defined priorities: eGovernment and Security

e-Government / Public Administration

CompletedObrázek3, obrázek se otevře v novém okněObrázek4, obrázek se otevře v novém okněObrázek5, obrázek se otevře v novém okně

Citizen portal – municipal services online (2nd place in CZE competition Zlatý Erb) - portal.bilina.cz 
Citizen participation – live & archived broadcasts of city council meetings, meetings with citizens 
Transparent public procurement – online portal / e-Tendering (50 000 CZK + / 2000 EUR +) 
eCommunication – „Mobile Broadcast app“ (two-way communication through a town-citizen application), two-way communication a town-citizen via website, online city maps, electronic official boards, eSubmission, social media channels (FB, YT, IG) 

Planned 2021+ 

City website chatbot 
Integrated map portal/GIS + Open Data 

External sources 

WiFi4EU: 6 hotspots with free public wifi 
5G network: most covered city area in Czechia (O2) 
Optical network: 2021 – 2023 (T-Mobile)


Smart city camera and sensor systém (SCC&SS), including advanced analytical software 
  • Goal: Development of integrated city security and situation management capacities; increase of safety feelings for citizens
  • Project 5G for 5 cities of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade 2020-22
  • Pilot verification of SCC&SS in 2 prioritized social excluded localities: Za Chlumem and Teplické Předměstí (housing estates)
Obrázek6, obrázek se otevře v novém okněObrázek8, obrázek se otevře v novém okněObrázek7, obrázek se otevře v novém okně
Obrázek10, obrázek se otevře v novém okně

Other digital services with a direct impact on citizens

CompletedObrázek11, obrázek se otevře v novém okně

Elementary school connectivity including WiFi (granted by EU) 
Online application for kindergarten & elementary school administration (attendance system etc.) 
Online booking forms for several city sports venues 

Planned 2021+

On-line air quality measurement system (2 locations) 
Web cameras on our website (monitoring of parking areas, public event venues etc.)


  • Impact of digital services on citizensObrázek12, obrázek se otevře v novém okně
  • Perception of citizens 
  • Assistance for economic development in the structurally and coal-affected region 
  • Vision for the future:

Bílina – a Smart City for the Future

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